Family Friendly Activities in Tucson

When was the last time you did something fun with the family? If you are thinking that it’s tough to find great activities that the kids will enjoy, you’re right. We uncovered a few family friendly activities in Tucson that both kids and adults will love. Check this out then plan your next family outing.

International Wildlife Museum

This museum allows you to get close, very close, to some of the most magnificent animals on the planet. They are all preserved and stuffed, but you get a perspective that you wouldn’t be able to have were you to view the animals while they were alive. Stand net to a grizzly bear or get close enough to measure a saber toot cat’s fang. It’s an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum

This is a small museum that is rather unique. You aren’t likely to see these displays elsewhere. It has a number of toy trains, ranging from modern to antique, as well as photographs and even display castles. If any of your little people love trains, this is the place for them.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Wander the winding pathways, view one of the interesting exhibits, or take a class at the Tucson Botanical Garden. There are a number of gardens, including an herb garden and a stunning iris garden. There are frequent special exhibits like a butterfly exhibit or music in the garden.

Reid Park Zoo

This zoo is much more than a bunch of animal exhibits. There are a number of learning programs designed to stimulate and engage children of all ages. You may want to contact the zoo or check out the website to find out what programs are offered, then register early. They fill up quite quickly.

Old Tucson Studios

Step back in time to the days of the Wild West – or at least the setting for some of the great silver screen westerns like Gunfight at the OK Corral and Tombstone. The surrounding scenery is amazing, and the attractions offer fun for the entire family. Kids will love the pony rides, stagecoach tours, carnival games, and gunfights, while the adults will enjoy the live performances at the Opera House, the shopping, and surprising dining experiences.

The Mini Time Machine: A Museum of Miniatures

There is something about miniatures that captures the imagination of young and old alike. This museum of miniatures goes far beyond doll houses. There are a number of enthralling displays and exciting stories accompany each one.

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

This museum of natural history is also a zoo and botanical garden. All the exhibits are focused on that particular area, so all plants and animals displayed are native to the Sonoran Desert region. This is a very kid friendly activity, even for the youngers ones. The many hands on activities will keep everyone entertained.

Tucson Children’s Museum

Set in downtown Tucson, this children’s museum offers tons hands on activities that make learning fun. Kids can do arts and crafts as well as visit the may interactive, unique exhibits. Even younger children and toddlers will enjoy the museum, but so will your 9 and 10-year olds.

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