Apart Hacks: 5 Tips for Living with Roommates

You’ve found an apartment near campus and just agreed to share it with a roommate. How can you ensure co-habitation harmony? These tips will help. 1. Communicate. It doesn’t matter if you are best friends or don’t know each other at all, communication is vital if you will be living under the same roof. Your roommate is not a mind reader,…
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Green Living Apartment Life

Green Living Apartment Life Ask most apartment dwellers and they’ll tell you that sustainable living in an apartment is not a realistic endeavor. All too often, though, they are thinking on the larger scale of a full-size home. However, green living apartment life is possible. Here are a few things you can start doing today…
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4 Benefits of Living Close to Campus

Typically, when confronted with living arrangements while in college, most students think either living with mom and dad or living in a dorm on campus. While these are perfectly fine options, there is a third – living in an area near your school. Having an apartment that is close to campus has some benefits that…
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